First Quest in the Glitch King saga.

Location Edit

Ricobabie in the throne room.

Dialogue Edit

RICOBABIE: As I said, the best place to begin looking for the Glitch King is the Forest of Glitch.

RICOBABIE: Please go there, hero, and try to find these glitches! I hope you don't find any... Anyway, good luck!


  • Takes you to quest


GLITCH KING:  The hero has defeated the Glitch Minions. What do you think we should do?

???: I believe the best choice is giving the Magnetic Glitches the command to attack. We will defeat him, Glitch King.

GLITCH KING: Good. After finishing this, I will go to the castle and talk to Ricobabie. Everything will work perfectly.

GLITCH KING: But if they fail, you are the one who will face the hero. They are our last monsters.

???: I understand. I will be watching the battles, call me if you need to.


GLITCH KING: All the Magnetic Glitches are destroyed. You have no choices. Go there now and finish this.

???: Don't worry, I won't let the hero win this. He will have no chances against me.

GLITCH KING: I hope you are right. If you fail, I will escape of my hideout and invade the castle to talk to Queen Ricobabie.

GLITCH KING: I am sure she will be surprised if I appear.

???: I need to go now. Wish me luck, after all, it's our last chance.


So, the Glitch King really has escaped? That's bad... We will have to plan something to beat him once again...

RICOBABIE: Thanks, hero, that's all for now! Come back here after my guards finish planning the attack!



You found glitches in the Forest of Glitch, so this means the Glitch King really has returned! You now need to find a way to finish him.


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