There are alot of Important NPCs in the world of Realm of the Rice Cake. Just to make sure you don't miss them all heres a list of the most important ones.

Queen Ricobabie

Queen Ricobabie is inside her castle to the left of the town. She gives you the Glitch King quests, and is in fact, the first quest giver in the game. Make sure to talk to her when you start out in the game.


Lemon runs a store, selling a quite cool looking lemon sword. It was one of the first weapons in the game, along with the rare 2009 Halloween Release. You can also sell stuff to him.


Strawberry sells both a hat and a sword, slightly more then what his partner Lemon sells. The Strawberry helm is one of the first armors in the entire game. The only others are the costumes from the 2009 Halloween event.

The Glitch King

Queen Ricobabies old enemy, the Glitch King has returned with an army of Glitchs to drive out the good queen. You must stop him before hise vil plan reaches fruitation!


Wallace is a sushi who sits around telling people vaguely important stuff. It is suspected that someone glued him to his rock, and hence, he no longer moves. Whatever the case, he is a good person to talk to to find out about current events.

These are but a few of the NPCs yet to come. Let us hpe that this list of NPCs expands bigger and bigger as Realm of the Rice Cake grows lrger and larger. Viva la Rice Cakes!

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