Welcome to this issues Interesting Items! Here we have the top five most strange, interesting or just plain cool weapons or armor from Realm of the Rice Cake. And here they are:

Chcolate Orb

This Orb made of Mawridges finest chocolate happily floats by your shoulder. It attacks enemies by shooting what looks suspisciously like a beam of chocolate milk at the target. It gives an attack bonus +3, making it a quite potent weapon. And if you get hungry, well, it IS made out of deliscious chocolate!

Blood Stained Spear

This is a red spear, which is reputed to be made out of blood. One wonders how it stays together. Perhaps magic? In any case, this is the most powerful weapon in the game, adding plus 5 attack bonus. But its power comes at a cost as it takes away 2 defence from you when you use it. Hmm... I wonder what would happen if I stabbed a vampie with it.

Glitch Staff

The Glitch Staff is an error. But it wouldn't be an error to keep one of these nice weapons in your inventory, if only for looks. They consist of a graphical error (a strange blusish bar) with a 404 error floating on top of it. Definately a novelty, though its +3 attack bonus is nothing to joke about. Keep it with you,a nd hope it doesn't make your computer stop working.

Vampire Costume

The Vampire Costume transforms you into a powerful vampire! Along with your transformation comes great defence; it offers +3 defense bonus to you, and is guarenteed to protect you from serious harm. Not to mention, those glowing red eyes and small black wings make it cool to look at while you keep it on you.

Werevamp Costume

The Werevamp is a fusing of vampie and werewolf to create an extremely powerful new creature. If you defeat it, there is a ten percent chance of getting a Werevamp costume. The Werevamp costume is the most powerful armor in the game, give plus 4 defence bonus AND +1 attack bonus. Coupled with the Blood Spear, it makes an almost unstopable force.

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