Diologue Edit


???: Ah, freedom! That's what I was needing. Is it really true? I can't believe. I am suddenly free... Hey, wait, who are you two?

DORIGO: Dorigo, but you can call me Dori. & Nevesto: Nevesto, Glitch King.

GLITCH KING: You're names aren't scary, but I can still feel your power. What do you want from me?

DORIGO: We want to defeat Queen Ricobabie, my lord.

GLITCH KING: Queen Ricobabie... I remember her. But I don't want to remember my past. Let's go finish the Queen.


DORIGO: Hmm... Where was I?


DORIGO: Queen Ricobabie! I am sorry about interrupting you, but I had a weird dream! Although, I fear it can be true...

RICOBABIE: What was it, Dori?

DORIGO: In my dream, the Glitch King had returned, and he was controlling two people who I can't remember right now...

RICOBABIE: Hmm, interesting... Thank you, Dori. Some people have warned me he could come back... And it looks like he did.

RICOBABIE: Although, I know who to call... You can go now, Dori.


Dear Hero,

I would like you to come to Mawridge and help me and my soldiers beat a new threat. I am sure you have experience in defeating monsters, but this one will not be an easy quest. Please come to my castle so I can explain the situation.

-Queen Ricobabie


NPCs Edit

Glitch King




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