As it is only the Beta of Realm of the Rice Cake there are currently only two avaliable quests. These are given by Ricobabie in her quest to finally defeat her age old enemy, the Glitch King. Warning: The Ahead Summeries contain Spoilers!

The first is A Glitched Beginning. In it we are sent out to examine the Forest of Glitch to see if the Glitch king really as returned. Alas, we discover not only the Glitch King, but an army of Glitches. After battling our way through Minions and Magnetic Glitches, we find ourselves faced with the deadly Shadow Rice Cake. Once you defeat him you can do the next quest.

The second quest sends you out to investigate the Glitch King. After battling our way through Dark Trees, and Magnetic Glitches, we find the VERY secret cave of the Glitch King. When you rush inside to confront the Glitch King he barely escapes through a teleporter. You return to Ricobabie with your information.

Two to three more quests have been said to come. There are also rumors of special orb drops from the Glitch King, meaning that we will get a chance to face him later in game. Hopefully you will triumph over him, and his evil schemes!

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