Defender of Ricobaby!

Defender of Ricobabie!

Welcome to Realm of the Rice Cake Wiki!

                          A wiki for the brilliant flash game Realm of the Rice Cake


  • Loggin has been released! PLUS all the events are rereleased along with the christmas event, a save button, aaaaannnnnnd LEVELING!
  • We've moved.
  • Hm. Aidan here. Lets move it to the wikidot! Now if only I knew how to make new stuff on there....
  • Atriax has asked if we can make a Wikidot version of the wiki. This means we MAY move. We just need Aidan to agree. For the record, I am still adding articles from here to the wikidot version, so don't edit it the wikidot site, but the link is here: Manga Maniac 12:57, November 14, 2009 (UTC)
  • Guys, thanks for making this wiki! It's dor here, and just reminding everyone that unfortunately, there won't be an update this week. But next week does promise some great new eapons, a new qust, and maybe even our first WEEKLY Rare. See you guys then!!
  • The newest glitch king quest released! Only new enemy but the prologue and the inn shop are finally here. Best of all the werevamp now drops it's costume!
  • The Newest Release is out! There is a whole new quest, two new drops, and three new monsters, PLUS a glimpse of the Glitch King, a very sinister rice cake indeed.
  • Its Halloween again, and if that wasn't good enough, Realm of the Rice Cake is now playable. As it is only in Beta there are few areas, but there is a Halloween 2009 event with several drops, including costumes such as Vampire Costume and Witch Costume.
  • Realm of the Rice Cake has been released!

Realm of the Rice CakeEdit

This is a fan made wiki for all those who enjoy Realm of the Rice Cake to look stuff up on.

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