The Queen of the Rice Cakes, Ricobaby has a quest for you, and another coming soon!


???: Oh, it's you, the hero! I am Ricobabie, Queen of Mawridge. You may be wondering why I called you.

RICOBABIE: Recently. we have heard rumors that an old enemy and his army have returned.

RICOBABIE: I need you to go to the Forest of Glitch, where my guards have prisioned him long ago, and tell me what you found.

RICOBABIE: Have you already heard his story? He's the Glitch King, who used to control all the errors of this world.

RICOBABIE: We have reason to believe he has escaped. Please, hero, investigate it.


RICOBABIE: Hi, Hero! Im Ricobabie, The Queen of Mawridge. How may I help you? "


          "There are some Royal Tasks I need you to complete for me. Could you please help me out?"

                -Glitch King

                     "Rumors are spreading that the Glitch King, an old enemy, is here again. 

                     We need to investiage this."

                          -A Glitched Beginning

                               "As I said, the best place to start looking for the Glitch King is in the forest of Glitch."


                                          "Please go there, hero, and try to find these glitches. I hope you dont find any... Anyways, good luck!"

                                                -Go (Go to Quest: A Glitched Beginning)

     -Done (/End Conversation)

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