2nd Quest in the Glitch King Saga.

Location Edit

Ricobabie in the throne room.*

Note! To do this quest you must finish A Glitched Beginning.

Dialogue Edit

RICOBABIE: We now know that the Glitch King is back, but we don't know who or what is helping him.

RICOBABIE: You need to go back to the Forest of Glitch and find his base. You must enter it, but the Glitch King can't realize that.

RICOBABIE: Good luck, hero! I hope you succeed.


  • Takes you to quest.


GLITCH KING: You! Stop there! I can't believe you found this. Well, actually, it's not hard to find a regular non-suspicious cave...

GLITCH KING: But this doesn't matter! You will never catch me. Bye, hero, and wait until Mawridge is destroyed, haha!



RICOBABIE: Thanks for the information. I don't think we will ever be able to invade his lair again... You should talk to other Ricecakes.

RICOBABIE: Maybe you will find someone in town that has more information about the Glitch King than us.

RICOBABIE: Thanks again, hero! Please interrogate other ricecakes so we can gather more information and, then, attack.


You saw the Glitch King for the first time and you must stop his plans. Now, you should see if anyone in town has information about him.

Enemies Edit

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